How does the age of marriage affect the health of women? Know the opinion of health experts


How does the age of marriage affect the health of women? Know the opinion of health experts The marriage age of girls in India has been fixed at 18 years. Many reasons account for this. It is believed that in 18 years, girls become physically and mentally mature. Health experts also say that the age of marriage affects the health of women. At the same time, according to official data, there has been a decrease in maternal and child mortality due to early marriage. Complaints of anemia also begin to occur in women with aging. Statistics from the last 20 years show that the complaint of anemia has increased significantly in women after one age. We have talked with the health experts as well.
Health experts say that women’s health is directly related to marriage. There is a lack of awareness among women at an early age. Being a mother at a young age has a poor effect on women’s health. Girls are not very aware of their health at a young age. Therefore, marriage should take place at least 18 years. At the same time, the child should not be before 20 years. But that’s not all.
There is a trend of early marriage and early childbearing in many areas of the country. The reason behind all this is that family should be started as soon as they are young so that children can be looked after with full energy. However, in terms of health, experts are not in favor of marrying even at a very old age. Health experts are of the opinion that after studying college, work for one or two years, try to understand more and more about yourself and the world and then decide to get married. At this age, women are ready for marriage, both physically and mentally. These are the updates that have come up so far.



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